Did you know? I am an ordained Certifiable Joyologist!

I've always liked doing my soul's work, whether it be working with special populations, yoga students, my fellow improv players, other poets, or even raising my own children-

My theme is the discovery and re-discovery time and time again of joy. Here's how I learned about this secret of enhancing your life.

Some 20+ years ago, in the twilight's wee hours of the morning, I had a clear and poignant dream that gave my life everlasting direction.

In my dream I was in a huge dark forest, dwarfed by huge, black trees all around. Far off, in a clearing, I saw a bright and welcoming bonfire. Naturally, because the woods were dark and scary, I was drawn to the fire's safety and warmth.

Facing me, and well silhouetted by the flames behind him, was a tall and imposing figure of a man. When he spoke, he called me by name. And I knew instantly who HE was.

My heart and soul recognized him from before I even came here. Though I could see the shape of him, I could not see his face-so blinding was the light behind him, that his features were indistinguishable.

I immediately brought to him my troubled mind. My time as a social worker in those days was extremely stressful. I was working hard, but couldn't seem to find traction in a troubled world. .Unable to solve these things myself, I wanted him to give me great solution.

I said, "Do you know what? It's a mess back there!! There's injustice, hunger, cruelty, and selfish greed, and your GOLDEN RULE seems to be the last thing anyone is willing to do!"

I challenged him to tell me where to begin in the world to try to make it a better place! I could hear the smile and his indulgence in his voice, and his generous kindness for my lack of understanding, as he said, "You are to experience joy."

Of course, being the Rebel challenger that I always am, I said,"Are you kidding me? Did you hear what I said? Don't you know how terrible it is? Where do I begin and what do I need to do?"

He chuckled and repeated himself. "You are to experience joy."

I didn't understand at the time, and I wandered away from the fire, scratching my head-knowing that I got it on good authority.(but wondering what the hell that meant.) I said to myself, "well OK then."

Each and every day since that time, no matter what, I've tried to tap into the river of joy that's flowing all around us.

My studies in yoga in particular have helped me to see that this truly is the best advice I could've ever been given. It is made my life into a wonderful, thoroughly exhilarating journey for my days!

I have bestowed upon myself the title of Certifiable Joyologist!

As such, I am free and ordained to experience JOY! And as much as I can and as often as I can, I'll share it with you!

My next book, LILI SEES YOGA IN THE TREES…is a a beautiful chronicle of young girl's discovery of her joyful nature, guided by her innate intuition.

It’s good to be gone

It is good to be gone from the woes of the world

For a short time to rest and find respite

In the consolation and company of our own soul

Without undue interruption by techno or tele

We simply check out to remind us of who we are

Of how we are, untainted by unfairness of the world

To know that somehow our inner landscape remains

Unbunched, Untouched, not to be Undone

Intuitive Knowing that we are chosen for freedom

We are bound for freedom of the trauma and drama

And fear.  We come and go from here–as sweetly

As breath from a newborn…We remember who we are…

entrance to chinese garden

Lorelai Sees…Yoga in the Trees

And so, I have begun my second book–this is very exciting!

In 2014, I became acquainted with a young girl, only 7 years old at the time who had a burning desire to learn yoga.  I am convinced that she IS an old soul in a young body.  In Spring of 2014 and in 2015, with the help of friends, we went to the park with young Lorelai to photograph her for my upcoming bookLorelai Sees…Yoga in the Trees  It is my intention to produce a simple book that encourages young children to recognize, listen to, and act upon their intuitive sense.  It is my hope that this book will instill a sense of peace when we connect our inner selves and senses to the beauty at hand in our world.  Our world needs change, a shift toward realizing our interconnectedness.  Lorelai is real-and I am hoping we will all find a little of her innocence and inner sense in ourselves.Lorelai meditating

Join us for Small Business Shopping this Saturday 

from 11:00-3:00 this Saturday, Ron and I will be signing books and reciting poems at Zee Bee Market! This is a colorful and exciting FAIR TRADE market located at 3211 South Grand.

Join us to shop in person this Saturday or shop them at zeebeemarket.com. LIKE THEM ON THEIR FUN AND INFORMATIVE FACEBOOK PAGE.

The shop is self-described as “Mobile-friendly – We are an ethical retail store that sells fine, handcrafted, Fair Trade and sustainably produced, Eco-friendly gifts.”
We love to visit this shop-it feels good to buy and give gifts that are hand-crafted and traded ethically.  You will love it too!IMG_3657

Chump Change for a Champion Cause

Our new book, LET’sHEAL STL-Ferguson Messages in Poetry and Paint is now available on Kindle for only $2.99–I’m asking you to please support our cause and the Ferguson Youth Initiative by ordering the book on Kindle–also, you will help us boost our book in a he AMAZON search engines.This book is a purely a St Louis endeavor- written and photographed by a Shaw resident (me) and a long-time Ferguson resident, Ron Montgomery. It features the beautiful board ups on South Grand and in Ferguson with original poems to the art. Suitable for all ages, it chronicles the hope for healing in STL in the days after the unrest.

  The book itself, beautiful and suitable for a tabletop book-in hard cover, printed by St Louis’s own, Jaffe Printing, costs $27.95 and can be ordered through letshealstl or can be picked up locally at Dunaway books or at Il RESTITUO coffee shop in Shaw.